Avoiding Facelift Fads

facelift Lakeway, TXThe quest for minimally invasive procedures for patients is hardly anything new.  All patients want the least amount of surgery, incisions, operation time, recovery time while all accompanied by the best possible results.

As we define results it is important to characterize the necessity of natural appearing results and certainly long lasting results.  Many times facelift fad techniques have failed miserably over the years in yielding long lasting, natural appearing results.  Tried and true techniques are not always the most sought after because marketing to patients focus too much on “quick” or “easy” or “no down time” or “less expensive” or “short incision” or even “no incision” gimmicks.

How Do I Know If This Technique Is Legitimate?

How best can a patient know whether a purported new technique, having been aggressively marketed directly to them via social media, short TV segments or print advertising have legitimacy?  Well, its actually quite simple and here is what we recommend:

  • Visit the surgeon’s office for a consultation.  If you don’t get to meet the actual treating surgeon and rather you visit with a “marketing” type person from the office, that is not a good sign.  If your treating surgeon does not do the actual consultation, my advice is to run.
  • Assuming you meet the treating surgeon, ask them “how long have you been doing this procedure?”  If the surgeon becomes squirrelly and avoids direct answers, run.
  • Assuming the treating surgeon gives you confidence that you will in fact not be the guinea pig, ask to see the surgeon’s OWN before and after results and ask to see results that are at least 3 months out from surgery.
  • Ask the surgeon what other techniques he/she may utilize and ask specifically “why is this technique you are recommending the best for me.”  Typically if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.  Meaning if a surgeon only uses one technique all the time, it is because that is all they have to offer and it may not be what is best for you! 
  • Follow the general rule “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

The psychology differs for many patients as they ask a surgeon for recommendations as to how to best treat their facial aging. There are really 3 categories of patients.  First is the overly cautious and this patient may push for the “less is more” options.  Second is the overly trusting patient that may want only the most aggressive procedures.  Third (in my opinion is my preference) is the patient who is neither overly conservative nor overly aggressive that cares to learn about the various options, make an informed decision based upon their goals and develop a trusting, team approach with the surgeon and the office staff to help them achieve their best possible result.

The evolution of any scientific technology always begins with enthusiasm that the latest and greatest is the best.  Innovative techniques often evolve, meaning they may have initial large aspirations for success in replacement of the old techniques, but eventually throttle back to be applied only in certain, specific circumstances. A perfect example is the technology of CoolSculpting which we regularly use in our Austin practice.  When CoolSculpting first came on the market, it was touted to be the “replacement for liposuction surgery” all together.  Now years later, it is a wonderful non-surgical procedure for very small areas of fat, for thin patients with thick skin with very little laxity.  It is hardly a replacement for liposuction and the company and the medical offices that provide it, have totally backed away from the earlier inaccurate assertions.

As you the patient are the “consumer” you are advised to do you research and truly the best way to do that, as previously discussed, is to visit the Cosmetic Surgeon in their office, ask appropriate questions, see real results and take the team approach with the surgeon in choosing the best option to meet their goals. 

Schedule a Consultation

Truly this is our style at our two locations at The Carlotti Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and Austin Cosmetic Surgery in Lakeway, Texas.  Drs. Carlotti care about you and delivering the best results possible. Schedule a consultation with us and we assure you, you will walk out of our office that day, comfortable, more informed and excited about your possibilities!

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