The Best Treatments for Pigmentation

The Best Treatments for Pigmentation

Age spots, brown spots, freckles, and melasma, OH MY! Pigmentation can come in many forms and for some can give the skin an older appearance, aging you before your time. We wouldn’t want that now would we? Luckily there are several options available to help diminish discoloration and most of these treatments also treat fine lines and wrinkles! BONUS!! It’s nearly impossible to stay out of the sun in Texas. The heat and UVA/UVB rays from the sun are generally the main culprit of of pigmentation resulting in sun damage and premature aging. (the horror). We all need to protect our selves with ideally, UV protective clothing and hats as well as a medical grade, quality, physical sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Most discoloration is harmless unless it suddenly appears, changes color, or has irregular borers. GET THAT CHECKED, FRIEND!! It is always best to have a physician take a look to be sure a suspicious lesion is not cancerous. Better safe than sorry. As for most other types of pigment, you should start with prevention and treatment with great medical grade skin care products like a nightly custom compounded lightening cream prescribed by our team, vitamin C serum, and sunscreen.

So what are the best treatments for pigmentation? My gold standard for diminishing dark spots and redness, is an Intense Pulse Light facial or IPL commonly known as a photo facial. The machine I use is the Lumenis M22. The “Mack Daddy” of all IPL machines. This baby really is so precise and super powerful leaving you with the perfect customized treatment. An IPL facial is essentially a filtered light pulsed on the skin which targets brown and red tones leaving the skin even and youthful. After an IPL you can expect brown spots to crust on the surface like coffee grounds then fall off. Don’t you dare pick at your skin!! Just stay moisturized and follow skin care instructions!! PUHLEEZ!

If you have pigmentation that is classified as melasma (patches of brown or grey on the forehead, bridge of the nose, or cheeks) then don’t fret! There is help. With the careful assessment from our amazing doctors and nurses, your treatment can soon begin. Melasma is usually caused by hormonal disruption from pregnancy (but they are worth it right?), birth control, or imbalances. Sometimes it can be caused by autoimmune disorders. With consideration of all underlying factors, treating melasma from the inside out is the top priority.

If you are a good candidate for a peel, we’ve got you covered! During the fall or winter is a wonderful time to plan for a good peel or a series of peels to diminish brown spots and give the skin a nice reboot. Collagen is boosted and layers of stagnant dead skin are shed leaving the skin with a gorgeous, smooth, and radiant glow! Hey, reptiles do it! No scaly snake skin here, baby!!

What ever your pigmentation concerns are, we have a treatment for you! Let us help you decide what the best path is to correct and even out your tone, whether it’s brown spots or redness. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fall in love with their skin and Love what you see in the mirror. I know I can get you there. Get ready to put your best face forward and glow in all of your glory!

For more information on the best treatments for pigmentation, call (512) 688-8000 for a complimentary skin consultation.

Jennifer Phipps, RN, Medical Aesthetician

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