The Importance of Stem Cells and Growth Factors

The Importance of Stem Cells and Growth Factors

What the heck is all the fuss about stem cells in skincare? Scientifically, stem cells are cells from a multicellular organism that replicate indefinitely more cells of the same type or other cell types by differentiation if not specified. Why should you care? Well my friend, stem cells are being used in all aspects of health care to signal the body to repair damage and cure diseases! Yay science!!

There is great importance of stem cells and growth factors for skin rejuvenation. The main discussion of stem cells is really about two proteins in stem cells called growth factors, cytokines and chemokines. These are the proteins that signal your older cells to renew and rejuvenate! Yay! According to research, these sweet little messengers will signal the behavior of the other cells giving them new life and stimulate cell turnover allowing your skin to naturally become more vibrant and smooth. Who doesn’t want that! Sign me up please!!

Stem cells are either human/animal or plant based. Human stem cells appear to offer the best results when signaling other cells to become new and improved. The cells we use during microneedling either come from your own plasma or from human donated bone marrow. This speeds up the recovery of the treatment and also signals the skin to produce more collagen and elastin for smoother skin targeting fine and deep wrinkles, acne scarring, discoloration and in some cases can stimulate hair growth where desired.

Growth factors never act alone. Once the stem cells are harvested, they join a good old hot tub party and transform into a cultured medium. This stem cell mixture is a combination of amino acids and minerals to make a super charged power serum that acts as a SUPER FOOD for your skin. Stem cells alone are not going to survive on the skin and would do little by themselves so don’t be fooled by false promises. The cultured stem cell and growth factor medium is transformed into a signaling, tissue specific, hydrating and healing serum that is going to change your skin!

How can you get some of this awesomeness in your life and on your skin you ask?? You can book an appointment for a microneedling treatment which is usually more effective if you do a series of 3 or 4. (remember, we are aerating the garden and the growth factors act as fertilizer) Grow, garden, grow!! We will use growth factors during your treatment and recommend a home care regimen for maximum results! Expect just a couple of days of mild redness then collagen and elastin production is stimulated over the next few weeks. Microneedling with stem cells is one of my most popular services I provide! People just love that glow without the downtime and I know you will too!! HAPPY GROWING AND GLOWING!

Jennifer Phipps, RN, Medical Aesthetician

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