Luscious Lip Augmentation in Austin

Luscious Lip Augmentation in Austin

A common conversation I have with patients, regarding lip augmentation in Austin, starts with, “I want to get my lips done but I don’t want them to look ducky.” Well, no doubt! The last thing you and I want is for your lips to look “done” or not natural. No Howard the Duck here! I would like to go over reasons to go for it and after care, or DO’s and DONT’S, to get you the results you desire.

Let’s face it, we all love putting on lipstick and feeling like we are about to conquer the world, or at least our day. Around age 40, (I’m now in my mid 40s, GASP) I realized I lost my top lip somewhere along the way! Oh dear, that’s not good. Well, both lips became substantially thinner and sort of deflated. Not to mention that I started to develop life lines vertically around my mouth. (No longer called smoker’s lines because let’s face it, no one really smokes anymore). Kissing, using straws, and pursing my lips while glaring at my husband are really to blame. Suddenly, lipstick bled into my life lines and my lipstick just wasn’t giving me the ultimate power it once did. I looked like my great Aunt Margaret after a few martini’s. YIKES AND NO THANK YOU!! (whoa, Bette Davis, we know what happened to Baby Jane!)

Lip filler is a glorious thing! We not only can redefine the lip and soften lip/life lines, we can rehydrate and plump them, taking away some years and giving you a beautiful canvas for that favorite signature lip color that let’s you take on the world! It brings new life to lip liner and is a real game changer. The filler is made from a soft hyaluronic gel that fills in lines and smooths out the lips. It is strategically placed based on your desired look and concerns. Best practice of your nurse or physician injector is to listen and let you describe your ultimate lips. Your injector will then recommend which filler to choose based on your conversation, current structure of your lip, and their assessment.

If you aren’t particularly ready for lip augmentation in Austin, you may like a tiny sprinkling of Botox/Dysport/Xeomin above the top lip to gently flip it up to reveal a bit more of the tissue, a hint more of the pink part of the lip. It is also nice in conjunction with filler as the icing on the cupcake! I use this technique to extend and refresh the life of lip filler which normally lasts anywhere from 9 months to a year depending on your metabolism. The body metabolizes the filler slowly over time, so don’t worry, you won’t wake up one day to deflated lips. (Hallelujah!!) Injections in the lip will stimulate some of your own collagen which is always a plumping bonus!

AT LAST!! The day of your appointment has arrived! It is best to avoid any blood thinners, supplements, flax seed, alcohol (red wine) or ibuprofen/Aleve for a few days prior to your visit to prevent excessive bruising. That’s not to say that you will not bruise. There is always a possibility. Plan your visit at least two weeks prior to any upcoming events. You can even nosh on some fresh pineapple (a natural anti inflammatory) or take arnica orally. If you are prone to cold sores, take some of your medication a few days prior to prevent an outbreak. After some photos are taken and topical numbing cream is applied you can just sit back and let your injector do the work.

Once your injections are performed, you can expect some immediate swelling. DON’T PANIC! Some mild to moderate swelling can last usually around a week. A good rule of thumb is, PLEASE don’t love it or hate it for 7 full days. Lumps and bumps are normal during the healing process. The lip tissue is sensitive and we all swell differently each time we get filler. One side may swell more than the other, one lip may swell more than the other. YOU WILL FREAK OUT AND THAT’S OK. I’m here for you!!! That is the nature of the procedure, especially if the goal is correction of an asymmetry. The swelling WILL go down! After your lip filler is placed and you are ready to go and meet the gals for a drink, HOLD ON!! Do NOT, have citrus, salt, or anything spicy. Stay away from red wine for the rest of the day. OOPS!! You forgot and had a margarita! Tomorrow you may wake up pretty darn swollen, but it will resolve, I promise.

Whether you are looking for lips like Angelina Jolie, or wanting to just redefine what you once had, taking in consideration your natural anatomy and a realistic goal with a plan, we can get you there! You are doing it for yourself, no one else!! So get ready to go and buy that new glam lipstick you’ve been wanting to try or just warm back up to your signature color, PUCKER UP BABY!! You are about to conquer the world, once again ; ) ! XOXO

Jennifer Phipps, RN, Medical Aesthetician

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