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What Is An Arm Lift?

An Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) is a method designed to treat the unwanted excess skin and fatty tissue in the area of the upper arms. There are many reasons why patients develop this problem, including successful weight loss. The arm lift procedure is an option for candidates who even with regular diet and exercise have been unable to gain improvement in the upper arms composition and/or skin quality.

Who Is A Good Candidate For An Arm Lift?

Patients who are candidates for an arm lift include people who have had significant weight loss, loose skin of the upper arms, excessively full upper arms, or combination of upper arm fat & loose skin.

We are committed to patients being satisfied with their results, including reasonable expectations as it relates to the scarring for the arm lift procedure. The scar from the arm lift procedure, unfortunately, cannot be wholly concealed and may extend into a slightly visible area. For that reason, it is always recommended pre-operatively, for the patient to choose the arm lift procedure only as a last resort. Given time the scar will fade and there are non-surgical treatments such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and fractional laser treatments (Active FX) that can improve the scarring if visible.

However, most patients are extremely satisfied with their arm lift results and gain the confidence and ability to wear short-sleeved shirts again with confidence!

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