Whether Young or Old, No One Deserves Protruding Ears

No one said kids at school were easy to take. Teasing is something everyone gets at one time or another.

But if a child has protruding ears, he or she will hear a lot more of it, and that’s not good for developing self-esteem and confidence.

And if your parents didn’t take care of the issue, you could be an adult and still be irritated by the way your ears look. Or, maybe you’ve worn earrings that have stretched or torn the earlobe.

Whatever your reasons, and whether it’s for your child or yourself, Dr. Michelle Carlotti can help with otoplasty, ear surgery. This surgery can correct a variety of problems with the ears: protruding ears, overly large ears, large or stretched earlobes, wrinkled or creased lobes, lop ear, and shell ear.

The procedure

In most cases other than remaking the ear, otoplasty is a pretty simple procedure. For children, the surgery is recommended between the ages of five and 14, as the ears are usually fully developed by age five and doing the procedure prior to high school is advisable. Dr. Carlotti usually makes the incisions behind the ears. From those incisions, she removes a small amount of cartilage. With that cartilage removed, the remaining cartilage is sutured into place, pulling the ears closer to the head. Because the incisions are made behind the ears, they are virtually invisible. However, in other cases, incisions may need to be made on the front of the ears, particularly in re-shaping surgeries. If this is necessary, Dr. Carlotti will do her best to hide the incisions in the natural folds and creases of the ears.

Who can have otoplasty?

While otoplasty is normally performed on children, it isn’t a difficult surgery for adults, either. If you should have had your ears pinned as a child but didn’t, the surgery is still available as an adult. Other people have natural ear defects and opt for reconstructive ear surgery. Some of these congenital ear defects include cat’s ear, cagot ear, scroll ear, cleft earlobe, lop ear, microtia, macrotia, or a constricted ear.

For adults, earlobe damage is also a reason for otoplasty. Heavy earrings can tear the earlobe. Large discs can stretch the earlobe to the point where it cannot tighten back after the disc is removed. Large hoop earrings can get caught on things and tear the earlobe. Dr. Carlotti can fix these problems. 

Whether your child’s ears or your ears need attention, please call us at Austin Cosmetic Surgery. Our Austin office can be reached at (512) 688-8000; our Scottsdale office can be reached at (480) 947-7700.

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