Why You Should Try A Hydrafacial

Why You Should Try A Hydrafacial

Why should you get a Hyrdrafacial? Oh so I guess you haven’t tried one! Are you ready to seriously get gorgeous glowing skin? Would you like to be red carpet ready in one hour or less? Do you have a special event soon? Do you just want to up your selfie game and stop using FILTERS?! Well then step right up my friend. Let the magic of HydrafacialMD whisk your skin away to the land of quenched, plump, firmer skin. Look photo ready and make all of your friends wonder what tropical island you just got back from!

Here is why you should try a Hydrafacial. It is a beautiful facial treatment that is luxurious and relaxing. It treats all skin conditions, including acne and is wonderful for teens, women and men alike. HydrafacialMD is my go to when my skin needs a good sprucing up or spring cleaning if you will. It is fabulous for skin health maintenance once a month or more frequently depending on what goals you wish to focus on. This facial focuses on deep pore cleansing and replenishing of nutrients to give your skin a reset and a healthy dose of hydration. Get ready for complete pampering, because if you lay on my facial bed, you may not want to get up!!

A wonderful prepping treatment I love to do for clients is derma planing. Derma planing is a manual gentle and painless removal of dead skin cells and baby vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. Using a planing tool, I wear a nerdy magnifying head lamp and get down to the nitty gritty! What can I say, I like to be thorough. Clients always comment how their skin feels like a baby’s bottom when I’m done! Smoooooth as silk!! This technique allows for better penetration of all products applied after, a win win! It’s also amazing before certain peels and just on its own.

Lymphatic drainage massage is now performed with a smooth glass hand piece with a slight pressure and vacuum. This is amazing for decreasing puffiness and detoxing the skin. Goodbye toxins!! Flushed through the body’s own lymphatic system. Tell me you are not relaxed just reading this! Now the skin is prepped and ready for the ultimate red carpet facial treatment. Now down to business.

First off, HydrafacialMD is a sort of wet microdermabrasion. Using vortex technology, the hand piece delivers a tornado of solutions into your pores. It vacuums and infuses all in one! After your skin is thoroughly cleansed by hand, the HydrafacialMD technology is used to next exfoliate gently. Unlike the microdermabrasion treatments of yesteryear, this technology takes it to the next level. Traditional Microderm is an outdated treatment that can make some skin conditions worse and dry out the skin. YIKES!! No thanks. Don’t worry! I got you. After the exfoliating phase, next up we infuse a light acid peel to break up dead skin cells and impacted sebum or oils out of your pores. Yay!! We are really getting after it now, and wow, you still feel relaxed and like butter on the table. No pain here folks!

Okay this is what you came for, EXTRACTIONS!! This is not your mother’s extractions, no ma’am! No pain here!! I’ve got news for you, extractions are not supposed to hurt. Now the fun part! As the vortex tornado literally vacuums your pores out, you get to bliss out and relax! Let HydrafacialMD do the work. What’s left behind I can easily extract by hand painlessly but rarely is much left for me to deal with. All you now have is sparkly skin that is now prepped for the liquid gold of infusions.

You may choose from many wonderful infusions packed full of antioxidants and peptides for firm and radiant skin. Serums specifically are chosen to target fine lines, pigmentation (age spots, sun damage), or to brighten skin tone. You can discuss your concerns and goals with your fabulous aesthetician. Special attention to the eye area and lips can also be addressed at this point. Let’s face it. Those areas usually need extra love.

For the finishing touches, we use LED light to either drive in serums for anti aging and collagen boosting (red light) or use a blue light for gently treating and preventing acne and breakouts. Or hey, maybe we use both lights if ya need it. Sorry bacteria, you don’t stand a chance! Then we use professional finishing products to leave your skin looking fab and all a glow!! Your skin never looked so amazing! Now, here is your coconut with a little purple umbrella in it!! Go forth! Be fabulous!! Hair flip!! Smile for the camera because. …YOU LOOK FABULOUS DARLING!!

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Jennifer Phipps, RN, Medical Aesthetician

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