Changing the Angle of Your Jaw

Most of us don’t think much of our jaw, but our jaw angle is one of the defining features of the face. For men, a square jaw has always been a desire of many a man after watching a Kirk Douglas movie. For women, a well-defined jawline is associated with beauty.

But our genes don’t always deliver on those wishes.

Still, an ideal jawline isn’t out of reach. Come see us at Austin Cosmetic Surgery and let the Doctors Carlotti perform jaw angle augmentation to enhance your jawline.

What is jaw angle augmentation?

When it comes to the jaw, the areas that people seek to change are the width of the jaw, the length of the jaw, and the chin. Strong jawlines are attractive on both male and female faces.

For jaw angle augmentation, Dr. Michelle Carlotti, Dr. Albert Carlotti, or Dr. Ali will work with you to develop jaw implants that will change the shape of your jaw. To do this, we create custom jaw implants that are created to exactly the specifications you want.

We start with a 3D, high-resolution computer tomography scan of the face. These images are sent to Implantech to allow us to then design your implants to your exact jaw. We do this virtually with you present. We can try different changes in different areas, or we can pattern the changes you seek after another person, say a celebrity or other figure. Once you like what you see we electronically send the date to Implantech and the company creates your custom silicone implants. Usually there will be one implant on each side of the jaw.

How is the surgery done?

Once your custom silicone jaw implants arrive at our Lakeway or Scottsdale offices, you come in for placement. This surgery is done under general anesthesia. We make incisions on the inside of your mouth behind your wisdom teeth. This ensures there will be no visible scarring on your face. We then position your implants and secure them to the jawbone with tiny titanium screws. The body full accepts titanium (it is used for all dental implants) and there aren’t any reactions.


Recovery from jaw angle augmentation surgery is not difficult. Most patients have only minimal pain for 1-2 days. There will be facial swelling, and it can come and go for a few weeks. Diligent use of cold compresses, avoiding sodium and alcohol, and keeping your head elevated for the first week or so can really lessen your swelling. Most patients can return to work in 7-10 days.

Interested in improving the shape of your jaw? Call us at Austin Cosmetic Surgery in our Lakeway office, (512) 688-8000, or our Scottsdale office, (480) 947-7700, and come in for a consultation.

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