At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we create custom facial implants with a specialized process, and are focused on creating the most natural-looking result, leaving you with a facial structure that enhances and highlights your natural features, or creates a masculine facial structure in gender confirmation treatments. We proudly serve the communities of Austin, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Barton Creek, and Spicewood. Dr. Cabret is also honored to serve patients in and beyond Scottsdale, AZ.

What can a facial implant do for my facial appeal?

We are not all blessed with the ideal facial structure and may feel less confident due to having a receding chin, small chin, a slope from chin to neck, or a flatter facial structure, with no visible cheek bones. Facial implants, at Austin Cosmetic Surgery, are 100 percent customized to match the unique facial structure of the patient.

Advanced facial implant surgeries in Lakeway, TX

The facial implants used at Austin Cosmetic Surgery are manufactured from a soft, pliable, smooth silicone that is easy to manipulate around nerves and work with any nuances in your facial shape and structure. We profoundly believe that any implant placed to augment the facial bones should be fixed in place with small titanium retention screws, so the beauty of the result lasts, and the implant can’t slip or move within the facial tissues. Dr. Cabret’s experience spans two decades, and she has made facial implants one of her specialties. She is known for achieving stunning results.

Cheek implants

If your face lacks elegant structure, adding a facial implant to create visible cheekbones can subtly enhance your look. High, visible cheekbones are universally recognized as a sign of beauty, and they can be yours with customized cheek implants to create a more attractive, sophisticated facial structure, with the added benefit of subtly lifting the skin below.

Chin implants

A small or receding chin may leave you feeling that your facial structure is less attractive than you want. With a custom chin implant, your chin size, projection, and shape can be altered to create a balanced look, resolving this aesthetic issue. Chin implants, at Austin Cosmetic Surgery, are fully customized to match the unique bone structure of the individual, including addressing any asymmetry.

Jaw implants

Dr. Cabret uses an advanced approach in planning jaw implant surgery, which first entails taking a 3D, high-resolution CT (CAT) scan of your face. The images are forwarded to Implantech, where custom jaw implants are created to deliver a more proportional jawline. If you have always wished that your jaw was more prominent or had a more sculpted balance, you can expect a result that is ideally suited to your face, and precisely fit your existing jawbone, created just for you.

Tear trough implants

Customized tear trough implants can subtly, but dramatically enhance your facial appearance. Sunken, dark, under-eye hollows give your face an aging, tired look. You may be a good candidate for facial rejuvenation with tear trough implants, or a more comprehensive procedure to create a look that is far more youthful and refreshed.

Why choose us? “Beauty and Wellness Perfected”

If you are considering altering your facial structure to achieve a more attractive look, or as one aspect of gender confirmation, it could not be more important that you are under the care of a top cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Michelle Cabret has over 20 years of experience and employs a very advanced approach to facial implants. The soft, pliable facial implants, whether cheek, chin, or jaw, are customized to ideally match your facial bones, creating a more attractive, elegant balance.

The implants are secured with tiny titanium screws to ensure they stay in place, becoming part of you for the long term. For concierge-style, high quality, personalized service, when under the care of Dr. Cabret and her team, you will feel safe, cared-for, and can be confident that your procedure will be performed with the most advanced techniques and a customized surgical approach.

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