Life events such as weight loss or pregnancy can lead to sagging, drooping, and volume loss. That said, these effects can also be a result of the natural aging process. Whatever the case may be, these patients can benefit from a breast augmentation with lift procedure. 

What is a breast augmentation with lift?

A breast augmentation with lift is specifically designed to help women who would like to reverse sagging in their breasts with a lift and would also like to boost their breast volume by using implants. This treatment effectively combines a skin tightening technique (removing excess skin) with an elevation technique, which is designed to raise the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall.

When it comes to breast procedures, determining the need for a lift is an essential part of the consultation process. Some patients with breast sagging seek out a breast augmentation alone, and they don’t realize that this can negatively impact the appearance of their bust. Combining breast augmentation with a lift is a great way to both enhance one’s bust size and give it a more aesthetically pleasing positioning. 

What are the benefits of Breast Augmentation with Lift?

  • Increased firmness in the breasts
  • The shape of the nipples is improved
  • A more attractive bust and silhouette
  • An overall revitalized aesthetic in the breasts
  • Less chafing and discomfort under the breasts
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Who is an ideal candidate for Breast Augmentation with Lift?

Ideal candidates for a breast augmentation with lift are women who are experiencing:

  • Breasts that look ‘deflated’ or overly flat
  • Changes in breast shape and projection
  • Stretch marks on the breasts
  • Low-hanging breasts
  • Sagging and/or overly large nipples

As with any surgical procedure, patients should:

  • Be of sound body and mind
  • Be non-smokers or willing to quit prior to the treatment
  • Have a strong understanding of the treatment, recovery process, and scarring
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcomes of the procedure

What does the procedure entail?

A breast augmentation with lift procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia and can take anywhere from three to four hours to complete. A traditional breast augmentation procedure involves surgically inserting implants behind each of the patient’s breasts. These implants will be placed either behind the chest musculature or behind the breast tissue. Implants by themselves are usually not enough to address sagging breasts.

Combining an augmentation with a lift can successfully lift the breasts while also giving them a rounder shape and increasing the patient’s cup size.

This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, which means that patients can recover in the comfort of their own homes. Patients will be given detailed instructions to guide them through their healing process and follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor their progress. 

What is the recovery process like?

In most cases, patients are able to get back to their daily routines in just a few weeks following the procedure. However, patients must avoid all strenuous activity (heavy lifting and exercise) for about three to four weeks. Upon discharge, patients will be provided with all the information they need to have a positive recovery. 

Patients can typically get back to work after a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Any signs of bruising will fade away by the two-week mark. Swelling can take up to three weeks to totally dissipate. Patients will receive more information about this during the private consultation. 

When to Consider Breast Augmentation with Lift

There are several life events that can result in an unwanted change in a woman’s bust. Naturally, these women will seek out a means of managing and reversing these changes. In addition to improving the breasts’ volume and projection, a breast augmentation can improve a patient’s overall body shape, giving them more wardrobe options. 

During the consultation, the patient’s current status, cosmetic goals, and medical history will all be assessed. At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we curate individualized treatment plans that preserve every patient’s unique features while helping them achieve their dream look. 

Breast augmentation with lift procedures have exploded in popularity among patients due to their versatility and ability to provide a wide array of results. This procedure can improve the size, projection, and balance of the breasts in a totally naturally-looking way.  

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Why choose Austin Cosmetic Surgery?

A medspa requires a highly skilled team of staff in order to provide satisfactory results. At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we hand-pick our staff based on their dedication to cosmetic excellence and their determination to provide the best results possible. Our team goes above and beyond. 

For over 20 years, Dr. Michelle Cabret has been providing her patients with some of the most cutting-edge treatments available. She now uses her extensive expertise and experience at Austin Cosmetic Surgery, where she provides our patients with various aesthetic procedures alongside our other highly skilled staff. 

Over the years, Austin Cosmetic surgery has had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of patients.  Our dedication to outstanding results has garnered us a high client satisfaction rate, allowing us to build lifelong relationships.   

Above all, we strive to provide a comfortable climate for our patients where they can express any concerns and questions they may have. We listen attentively to our patients to ensure that all of their needs are met. 

Reach out to us today to set up a private consultation. 

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