Whether reducing wrinkles or reshaping a heavy, squarish jawline, these corrective treatments help decrease strain and tension on your face due to bruxism (grinding or clenching the teeth) and elevate your overall look.

How does BOTOX create facial slimming?

BOTOX for face slimming is a popular treatment that can help to contour and slim the jawline. Commonly sought after by those aiming for an aesthetically pleasing v-line jaw or reducing the appearance of a wide jaw, caused by clenching, or grinding teeth (medically termed as bruxism).

Why choose us for your BOTOX injections?

Dr. Michelle Cabret has more than 20 years of experience in private practice as a cosmetic surgeon and offers her patients a comprehensive approach to look and feel their best. We believe beauty and wellness go hand in hand, which is why we take a holistic approach offering cutting-edge care delivered in a state-of-the-art facility with concierge style services. Furthermore, as a cosmetic surgeon you can trust that any BOTOX injections will be completed with the utmost precision, with a breadth of understanding of facial anatomy. Come experience the transformative power of beauty and wellness perfected at Austin Cosmetic Surgery.

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Who can benefit from BOTOX facial slimming?

BOTOX facial slimming is an attractive solution for anyone who:

  • Desires to reduce the size of their masseter muscles
  • Soften or define their jawline
  • Reshape a wide, round, or square jaw

This minimally invasive treatment can provide substantial results within a few days with little to no downtime needed for recovery. The results do not last forever, and results must be maintained with regular injections.

What can cause jaw muscles to enlarge?

Excessive grinding and clenching of teeth, known as bruxism, can cause enlargement of the jaw muscles. Treatment with BOTOX injections into the bulky Masseter muscles of both sides of the face can result in a slimmer, redefined jawline and more pronounced cheekbones. Additionally, this facial procedure not only decreases the size of the jaw muscles but also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a well-rested, lifted appearance.

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What is the recovery from facial slimming BOTOX injections?

The good news is that this procedure doesn't leave you any downtime. Avoid lying down for the first few hours after the injections. The injections take effect within a few weeks, and the effects can last 6 months or longer.

What are the benefits of BOTOX facial slimming?

BOTOX injections for face slimming provide a safe, non-invasive alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery and the benefits are extensive.

  • It is more affordable than a surgical procedure 
  • It requires no downtime meaning that you can go back to your normal activities right away
  • The procedure is not painful and numbing cream can be applied if desired, making it easier on those who have low pain tolerance

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