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Hormone Replacement Therapy Austin

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is a helpful treatment meant to stabilize hormone levels that have become imbalanced in both men and women. Our bodies produce appropriate levels of various hormones to facilitate growth, metabolism, and fertility throughout our lives. However, as we mature, our bodies produce fewer hormones and all systems in the body respond accordingly. As a result, fatigue, decreased mental and physical agility, fat accumulation, and hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause occur. It is a complex issue because although they are commonly associated with aging, they can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance caused by other underlying issues. [1] The power of HRT provides much-needed relief to patients by restoring a balance of hormones to a functional level. Dr. Michelle Cabret of Austin Cosmetic Surgery is here to help. To see if this may be a beneficial treatment for you, schedule an appointment at our office in Austin, TX. You can also reach us at (512) 688-8000

About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Therapeutic hormone supplements have been available since 1942, and were originally released in tablet form. [2] Since then, advancements in medicine have made hormone replacement therapy (HRT) a viable treatment for both men and women to restore their youthful vibrance. Unfortunately, the aging process also ushers unpleasant changes in our bodies. Changes to our mood, movement, and thinking can be affected due to an imbalance in hormone production. Hormone replacement therapy is a perfect way to regain balance and well-being. This helpful treatment comes in pill, pellet, or injection form. Each dose contains a highly customized amount of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone that your body can easily absorb. It works to increase and balance hormone levels to a youthful state and vastly improve your way of life. 

Benefits of HRT

HRT helps many patients regain an overall sense of happiness in their life as the treatment reduces or eliminates symptoms of forgetfulness, fatigue, hot flashes, or mood swings. 

The following symptoms can be eliminated or significantly reduced with the help of HRT for men:

  • Receding or thinning hair 
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood swings
  • Decreased energy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Low sex drive
  • Unable to focus

Women candidates can see a reduction or elimination of the following symptoms: [2][3]

  • Menopause symptoms
  • Hot flashes
  • Bone density loss
  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Inability to focus
  • Thinning hair
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low sexual enjoyment

Ideal Candidates

If you’re suffering from hormone imbalances and want to feel like your younger, vivacious self again, hormone replacement therapy may be the solution. Many healthy men and women have chosen HRT to balance estrogen and testosterone to proper levels. Those considering HRT may be good candidates if they meet the following criteria:

  • Not have medical conditions such as cancer, serious heart conditions, high blood pressure, or at risk for blood clots
  • Suffer common symptoms of mood swings, lack of mental clarity, changes in sleep and metabolism, or loss of bone and muscle mass
  • Are 40 or older
  • Are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant

A private consultation with Dr. Cabret will assess your symptoms and determine your eligibility. Schedule your meeting today. We are inside a welcoming office in the greater Austin area. 

Personal Consultation with Dr. Cabret

Michelle Cabret, MD, DDS is a highly recommended cosmetic surgeon in the Austin, TX area. She cherishes the diverse and unique background that took her across the world, and receiving a world-class education while training at prestigious institutions across the US. Dr. Cabret’s hard work and devotion to her practice have earned her high honors and respect from colleagues and patients alike.

You can expect caring and compassionate care at your consultation. This is your time to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Then, Dr. Cabret will perform a brief physical exam and may order either blood, salvia, or urine testing to analyze your current hormone levels and to ensure that you are fit for treatment. If these diagnostics reveal a hormone imbalance, a customized treatment plan will be developed and discussed.

Consult with Dr. Cabret at her welcoming offices in Austin, Texas. Of course, you can always call our team at (512) 688-8000 to speak to a representative. Also, have a look at our blog filled with insightful posts on the many procedures offered at our office. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Austin Cosmetic Surgery also utilizes a holistic approach to hormone therapy by using plant-based Bio-Identical Hormones. Safe, and effective, this natural treatment replaces essential hormones. BHRT customizes dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone, estrogen, and or testosterone levels to restore your biological balance. 

BHRT for Men

A decrease in testosterone happens naturally as a man matures. Frustrating symptoms like the loss of muscle mass and bone density, depression, and hindered sexual performance can be experienced. However, BHRT treatment for men reverses this course and provides men with a healthy, customized dose of testosterone. [1] This male hormone increases energy, drive, libido, and improves mental clarity and focus. 

BHRT for Women

Hormonal shifts in women can happen at various stages in life. From pregnancy to menopause, the production of estrogen may fluctuate or decrease as time marches on. This can dramatically and negatively impact your way of life. Restoring estrogen and progesterone has been highly effective in alleviating uncomfortable symptoms, many of which are brought on by hormonal shifts during menopause. BHRT offers a natural source of estrogen and estradiol to balance hormone levels. [1]

How HRT Works

You’ll be made comfortable in a private treatment room before we administer HRT. We offer patients options in their path to balance

Hormone Replacement Therapy can be administered in the following ways:

Pellet Therapy 

This process involves making a small incision near the hip. Dr. Cabret will then inject small (1-2 for women; 2-10 for men) pellets that release customized doses of estrogen and testosterone. As weeks go by, the pellet will dissolve, and the body will absorb the contents over the next 3-6 months. Patients will come to the office 3-4 times per year, depending on their needs. 

Intramuscular (IM) Injections

An IM injection is injected into the muscle in the upper thigh or buttocks area. Doing this allows quick absorption into the bloodstream. In as little as 24-48 hours, patients can see a gradual improvement in their symptoms.

Prescription Medication

Prescriptions are the most common method of treating menopause symptoms in women. Most estrogen pills can be taken orally once per day on an empty stomach. However, they should not be taken in combination with certain other medications.


You’ll meet with Dr. Cabret for regularly scheduled follow-up appointments to make sure you are responding well to treatment. Depending on your personalized course of treatment, you may see relief as soon as 24-48 hours after your session. Women can see relief from certain symptoms of menopause within 1-4 weeks. However, optimal results may not be felt for 2-4 months. In the interim, patients may feel mild to moderate feelings of breast tenderness, irritability, fatigue, and acne. This is a normal reaction as your body readjusts to the newly introduced hormones. These symptoms should dissipate in a couple of weeks. 


Each patient will respond differently to their treatment. However, when your recovery is over, you can look forward to a whirlwind of advantages. Within two weeks, patients will begin noticing a difference in their mental and physical health. You will start to see remarkable changes in your mood and thinking. Increased energy, stamina, and healthy muscle and bone development will begin to show within 3-4 months. Patients may opt for additional sessions to keep their symptoms at bay. 


The final cost of your Hormone Replacement Therapy depends on the treatment defined by Dr. Cabret. HRT is a gradual treatment that may require more than one session to achieve desired effects. The extent of your condition, progress, and dosage of hormones are considered in the cost of your treatment. Together, we’ll discuss details regarding pricing at your consultation. Find how to make your treatment cost-effective by visiting our resourceful financial page. Keep on the lookout for our specials to take advantage of huge discounts. 


Which HRT treatment is best?

We understand there are a lot of options affordable to patients with an HRT treatment. The right approach that fits your needs will depend on your health and the severity of your symptoms. All options will be explored at your consultation.

Is HRT safe?

HRT is a safe, effective treatment meant to alleviate or eliminate many of the symptoms that accompany aging. This customized process gives patients an appropriate amount of hormones to bring much-needed relief and function.

When will I see relief?

HRT may take a few weeks to see relief. You’ll continue to see optimal results in the upcoming months as your body adjusts. 


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