Nasal Surgery

Rhinoplasty Is One Of Our Most Common Procedures

Nasal surgery, ‘nose job’, or primary rhinoplasty is consistently one of the top three most frequently requested and performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the world.

Austin Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Scottsdale Arizona Carlotti Center

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed by Michelle Cabret-Carlotti, MD, DDS and Albert E. Carlotti, MD and they can help you achieve a more sculpted, better-proportioned nose that complements the rest of your face.

After multiple conversations with Dr. Michelle Carlotti, the following young lady desired a narrowed, more refined nose. An open approach rhinoplasty was performed at the Carlotti Center and allowed us to access her very wide lower lateral cartilages and the tip to be refined as desired.

Austin Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Osteotomies

Osteotomies or bone cuts were used to narrow the wide bridge of her nose. Drs. Carlotti enjoys teaching and wanted patients to understand where an open approach rhinoplasty incision is.

The worm’s eye view shows this one-month-old incision that is not visible from a frontal or profile view and will mature to the point of being imperceptible.

A nicely done rhinoplasty should complement the other features of the face and not have stigmata of overdone noses of the past. Cosmetic rhinoplasty at the Carlotti Center is typically done as an outpatient, day procedure and takes 1-2 hours. Dr. Carlotti advises that patients take it easy for 10 days.

Austin Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Although many of the Carlotti patients are thrilled at the unveiling on day 10, Dr. Carlotti counsels patients that rhinoplasty results can take months to years for the subtle swelling to resolve and mature.

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