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A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery that works to alleviate various degrees of ptosis in the breasts. This operation returns the breasts to a higher, perkier position on the chest, and has restored confidence to countless women.

A Lovely Lift

Whether aging, your unique anatomy, or pregnancy and breastfeeding have left you feeling a little low and deflated, this procedure is a popular and versatile way to get things back where they belong! Whether you choose a breast lift or one of our many other cosmetic services, at Austin Cosmetic Surgery and The Carlotti Center we strive to give women their body back or the new body they dream of.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to see if you are a qualified candidate, schedule your personal consultation today. You can reach our Austin, TX office by calling (512) 688-8000 or the Scottsdale, AZ office by calling (480) 947-7700.

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Aging, weight and hormonal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can all take their toll on a woman’s breast tissue. These fluctuations can put a great amount of stress on the breasts, inside and out. Given this is the most common procedure Dr. Michelle Cabret does in both offices, she will joke with great empathy and personal experience that as long as women have babies and go thru menopause, she does not foresee her breast business decreasing. After all, this beautiful part of your femininity contains complex networks of glands, ducts, and supporting ligaments.[1] When the delicate overlying skin is also subjected to these changes, the breasts can’t always return to their original shape or size. Women then experience increased asymmetry and ptosis: the loss of elasticity that leads to sagging. There are varying degrees of ptosis that are measured by the location of the breast mass in relation to the inframammary crease, that is, where the underside of the breast meets the torso.

Types of Breast Ptosis

  1. Mild Ptosis (Grade 1) is when the breast has fallen just below the crease line. 
  2. Moderate Ptosis (Grade 2) is when the nipple is positioned below the crease line.
  3. Advanced Ptosis (Grade 3) is when the nipple has fallen below the crease line and becomes oriented downwards. 
Fortunately, even advanced ptosis can be corrected with a breast lift procedure.  At Austin Cosmetic Surgery and The Carlotti Center, Dr. Michelle Cabret helps women look and feel their very best. For women looking to restore a youthful, firm profile to their chest, a breast lift alone, or a breast lift with augmentation can provide a much-desired upgrade.

Types of Breast Lifts

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are different techniques used for breast lifts, but they all have the same goal: to remove excess skin to firm and lift the breast, and correct the position of the nipples and areolas.  At Austin Cosmetic Surgery and The Carlotti Center, Dr. Michelle Cabret designs her surgical approach based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift techniques used depend on the size of the breast, and the degree of ptosis present. They use a carefully considered combination of incisions. Dr. Michelle Cabret is committed to achieving the ideal outcome for each of her patients. Typically, a breast lift uses an incision around the areola combined with a straight incision from the bottom of the areola to the center of the inframammary crease. This is accompanied by an incision along the underside of the breast in the crease. This allows the surgeon to remove areas of lax skin in order to sculpt the ideal, lifted set of breasts. The incisions are then expertly sutured to tighten and lift the breast mass while locating the areola higher on the breast mound for a youthful, perky appearance. The colored edge of the areola conceals scarring so that the only evidence of the procedure is a thin vertical line down the center of the lower breast. The inframammary crease conceals the other incision.

Dr. Cabret’s skilled hands and a proper after-care regimen will ensure that any scarring remains as subtle as possible.  Postoperatively, she methodically will guide you through scar management and the healing process. The vast majority of patients have virtually imperceptible scarring at 6-18 months of incision maturation.

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Qualified Candidates

If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, a breast lift may be an excellent solution. Ideal candidates have completed their families and breastfeeding new additions. Future pregnancies can alter the results of a breast lift.

You may be a qualified candidate for a breast lift surgery if you:

  • Are a non-smoker
  • Currently are at a healthy, stable weight
  • Changes to your breasts have left you with asymmetrical or irregularly shaped areolas  
  • Have breast skin that shows stretching
  • Are troubled by sagging, flat, or elongated breasts
  • Have experienced a loss of volume in your breasts

We want our patients to cherish everything that makes them a woman. This rejuvenating procedure can turn back the clock or even finally let you enjoy the curves you’ve always wanted. If you believe you are a qualified candidate and feel ready to get started, contact us to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Michelle

During your personal consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Michelle Cabret to discuss where you are now, and where you’d like to be on your aesthetic journey. After a compassionate and honest conversation, Dr. Michelle will perform an examination and review your medical history. Your unique anatomy and desired appearance will help Dr. Cabret determine a personalized plan for your procedure, and the best approach to achieve your goals. She and her staff will guide you through the process, answering all questions you may have regarding this procedure or any of our many other services. Finally, a time and date will be scheduled for your procedure and you will be given a list of customized preparatory steps that should be adhered to in the interim.


Before your breast lift, it is important to follow the steps outlined in your consultation to promote a smooth procedure with results you desire.

It is important to:

  • Plan a ride home. A breast lift usually requires general anesthesia so the patient will not be able to drive themselves home after the operation. 
  • Avoid blood thinning medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen as these can cause serious bleeding during your breast lift.
  • Avoid smoking of any kind, vaping, and drinking before lift as these too can cause blood to thin which may result in complications during surgery as well as hamper the body’s ability to recover post-operation.


On the day of your procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Cabaret to review the details of your procedure and have any last-minute concerns addressed. Once the area has been sterilized and marked, you will be administered the appropriate anesthesia to ensure that you are resting comfortably. Dr. Cabret will make the incisions as discussed, and remove excess skin while repositioning the breast mound and areola in an ideal, upright position. Once suturing is complete, your incisions will be carefully bandaged to keep them sterile for the first 72 hours, placed in a carefully positioned postoperative bra, and you’ll be moved to a room where you’ll recover from your anesthesia. Once you’re discharged and return home, your recovery and healing process will begin.


During your recovery period, we ask that you avoid any strenuous activities for the first 6 weeks, however, going back to non-strenuous work is generally advised after 1 week. Dr. Michelle individualizes postoperative release to activity based on the amount of swelling, bruising, muscle relaxation you specifically have. She frequently is overheard saying there is no recipe card in medicine; each beautiful individual woman is unique. After the procedure your breasts will be tender and swollen; this is completely normal. The sensation of tightness in your chest is also to be expected as your sutures heal. You may also experience a change in nipple sensation immediately after your procedure. Using a pedicled approach as she does, most patients recover to their presurgical sensation baseline. With proper healing and care, this will subside in the coming weeks. Also, during this time you will be given a surgical bra to be worn to support your newly lifted breasts and promote efficient healing. This should only be taken off during showering.


You may notice some of the results from your breast lift right away, but it will take a few months for your breasts to adjust to their new position and for scars to fade. Once the swelling has subsided, you will begin to see the new you! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight will allow you to enjoy your pert, gorgeous results for years to come. Your breasts will look younger, livelier, and rejuvenated, and the sagging and laxity will be greatly diminished. You’ll enjoy improved self-confidence, a perkier profile, and all the fun of expanding your wardrobe!

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Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

Breast Augmentation

When paired with a breast lift, a breast augmentation gives women the chance to increase their cup size and achieve an even higher, firmer, more voluptuous curviness. Women can choose to upgrade their bust with silicone or saline implants. (2)  There’s a good reason this is one of the most sought-after procedures in cosmetic and plastic surgery! Contact us to see just how a breast lift paired with augmentation can truly enhance your profile! and if you’re interested in learning about what specials we have available at this moment jump on over to our specials page too!


The cost for a breast lift changes based on the lift required to achieve the client’s desired look as well as any other procedures included during the operation. You’ll be given an accurate global fee so you know the exact cost for your breast lift at Austin Cosmetic Surgery or The Carlotti Center during your personal consultation. We have several financing options for patients that qualify: to learn more please visit our financing page. We also offer exclusive specials that can make investing in yourself doubly rewarding.


  1. Ramanadham, S. R., & Rose Johnson, A. (2020). Breast Lift with and without Implant: A Synopsis and Primer for the Plastic Surgeon. Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open, 8(10), e3057.
  2. Qureshi AA, Myckatyn TM, Tenenbaum MM. Mastopexy and Mastopexy-Augmentation. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2018;38(4):374-384. doi:10.1093/asj/sjx181

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Ellie Richard
“The Carlotti’s are FULLY responsible for my happiness and confidence in my appearance. The Carlotti’s offer something very UNIQUE in their practice the female and male perspective. They use the vision of two highly trained and qualified doctors that have an artistic eye for beauty incorporate that with the use of the feminine touch she provides and the man’s vision he gives the scales are fully balanced. You get the beautiful balance of being able to appeal to women and men in the world.”
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