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Chin augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery procedure with the aim of addressing weak or asymmetrical chins. Using custom-contoured chin implants, the surgical team at Austin Cosmetic Surgery will give you a chin that is stronger, more pronounced, and perfectly proportionate to the rest of your facial features. It is common for the procedure to be done in addition to cheek augmentation and rhinoplasty.

Our chin augmentation process is among the most state-of-the-art in the nation. Traditional chin augmentation procedures involve an incision under the chin. The drawback of the traditional technique was the visible scars that were left on the patient. At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we use an intra-oral (inside the mouth) incision to give you the desired result without unsightly scarring.

As with all of our procedures, we begin by looking into your medical history and reviewing your current state health. After we determine if you’re healthy enough for chin augmentation, we use computer imaging and digital photography to get a full picture of your bone structure. We take into consideration not just your chin’s prominence, but also its symmetry. Using this information we can choose the implant and course of action that is perfect for you.

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Chin Augmentation Procedure

After giving you anesthesia, we make incisions inside your mouth. We then correct any asymmetry in the bone if necessary. Chin implants are placed on the facial midline and held firmly in place with small titanium screws. The incisions are finally closed with absorbable sutures that will disappear on their own.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

After your chin augmentation procedure, you will be given anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic mouth rinse. Major swelling will be resolved after three days. Some lower lip numbness may be present for one to two weeks. After two weeks, the absorbable sutures will have dissolved.

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