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A facial implant procedure is a way for patients to alter the shape of their facial features for a more balanced appearance. Silicone implants for the jaw, chin, cheeks, and tear troughs are available to correct asymmetry, enhance a feature, or as a way to reconstruct facial features following an accident or injury. 

At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Michelle Cabret performs advanced facial implant procedures to help her patients achieve effective aesthetic results. She specializes in maxillofacial surgery, facial reconstruction, and elective cosmetic surgery. To schedule a personal consultation and learn more about facial implants, please call (512) 688-8000 or fill out an inquiry form on our website.

Before & After Photos

Before and After Photos

About Facial Implants

Facial implants are made from body-safe synthetic materials. Unlike dermal fillers, which dissolve over time, the results of a facial augmentation with implants can be permanent. The most common facial implants are made of synthetic materials like polyethylene, polyamide, and silicone. These devices provide long-lasting solutions for:

  • Facial augmentation
  • Facial trauma/injury
  • Facial rejuvenation (1)

Implant Technology

Facial enhancement surgery has progressed considerably in recent years. Patients who wish to change the shape of their jawline can do so with the latest mandibular wrap technology. The silicone is molded to the exact shape of a patient’s lower jaw (the mandible). Similarly, cheek, chin, and tear trough implants can enhance areas of lost volume in the face. Dr. Cabret takes no risks when placing facial implants, and unlike many other surgeons, she uses surgical screws to ensure that each implant is expertly secured to facial bones, and that there is no risk of the implant migrating from its intended location. Dr. Cabret works closely with the leading implant producers to provide patients with customized implants. These can be made to the patient’s specifications, and are molded to the patient’s bone structure for the perfect fit!

Facial Bone Structure

Did you know that there are 14 bones in the human face? Each has a significant impact on our appearance. Facial implants may be a consideration for patients with:

  • A smaller lower jaw
  • A receding chin
  • Less prominent cheekbones
  • Jaw asymmetry
  • Hollowness under the eyes

Changes in the Aging Face

As well as features we may have inherited, structural changes occur in the tissues and bone of the face as we age. This can cause our faces to look markedly different than they did in our younger years. The aging process can cause the following to occur:

  • Skin thinning
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Decreased soft tissue volume
  • Reduced collagen production
  • Loss of volume in facial fat pads 
  • Bone reabsorption (1)

Regardless of the cause, facial asymmetry and other small imperfections in our facial features can cause distress. Our faces convey our emotions and are often a major factor in what is considered “attractive” to others. But regardless of what others think, if you’re looking to turn a feature that bothers you into one that you love, a facial implant can help. Implants are often the perfect, permanent choice to help patients find the facial balance they’re looking for!

Implantech Facial Implants

Industry-leading Implantech facial implants are solid silicone. Designed by surgeons, these devices can be customized to the individual needs of each patient using 3D facial mapping technology called Accuscan. Whether it’s a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, Implantech devices balance and enhance facial features to help patients achieve their beauty goals.

Why Dr. Cabret Chooses Implantech

  • Highest quality implant-grade silicone
  • Sterile and body safe
  • 3D Accuscan service for custom implants
  • Long-term effective results
  • Ideal for mandible, chin, tear trough, and cheek augmentation

Over a 70-year history of use, there is no evidence that materials like silicone cause long-term adverse events, toxicity, or serious allergies in patients. (1) However, one of the benefits of silicone implants is that they can be removed in the unlikely event that patient results are not as expected or desired.

Mandibular Wraps

Due to the complexity of the surgery, Dr. Cabret is one of the few surgeons in the country to offer custom jaw implants due to her trainings in both cosmetic and maxillofacial surgery. Mandibular wraps are U-shaped or crescent-shaped implants that curve to create a uniform chin and lower jaw contour. As with every implant procedure, Dr. Cabret offers Accuscan; a three-dimensional CT scan that precisely maps the shape of the jaw. Using digital rendering techniques, Dr. Cabret can show you what your new jawline will look like. She works closely with Implantech to create tailored implants that fit seamlessly and naturally

Chin Implants

Smaller implants are available in a variety of projection sizes to enhance the chin. Patients may request a chin augmentation where they have a smaller than average chin, and volume loss in the jaw. (2) Chin-specific implants do not wrap around the mandible. Instead, they can be used to accentuate a smaller-than-normal chin, or a chin that does not protrude sufficiently to add shape and balance to the lower face. Many people with lower facial asymmetry, or a less pronounced chin can benefit greatly from chin implants.

Other Facial Implants

Cheek Implants

The cheekbones make up part of the midface, which includes the cheeks, the nose, the eyes, and the area above the upper lip. The angular shape of the malar and submalar areas, or the cheekbones and the lower cheekbones, frames our face. For cheekbone enhancement, look no further than Implantech cheek implants. Patients with weak cheekbones, age-related volume loss in the cheeks, or those who wish to further enhance their cheekbones can do so with tailored cheek implants of varied sizes and shapes. Dr. Cabret will work with you to find the most appropriate cheek implant for your face shape.

Tear Trough Implants

Tear trough deformity is a hollowing of the area directly below the lower eyelids. It can cause a condition commonly known as “sunken” eyes. The tear troughs make up part of the orbital region; the round cavities that surround the eyes. Hollow tear troughs can be inherited or develop as a result of age-related changes in the orbital fat deposits. (3)  Dr. Cabret strategically places tear trough implants just below the orbital rim to add volume and improve the appearance of sunken eyes.

Jaw Angle Implants

Jaw angle augmentation changes the appearance of the angle of the mandible, sometimes known as the gonial angle. Jaw angle implants may be used alone or in conjunction with chin implants and/or cheek implants to create the patient’s desired mid- and lower face contour. Studies show that mandibular angle augmentation with solid silicone implants have resulted in low postoperative infection, low displacement rates, and high patient satisfaction. (4)

Candidates for Facial Implants

Most people who wish to augment the shape of their face with surgical implants are good candidates for facial implants. Men and women with structural deficits, those who have experienced facial trauma, and those who wish to address cosmetic issues may all benefit. A good candidate for this type of procedure is at a stable weight, in good general health, is a non-smoker, and has a positive attitude with realistic expectations. Some medical conditions may prevent a patient from undergoing facial implant surgery. These include:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart or Lung Disease
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Severe Allergies
  • Active Infections

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Personal Consultation

Dr. Cabret works closely with her patients to achieve their desired results. Every patients is heavily involved in their treatment from start to finish. We invite you to come to her Austin offices to discuss your facial implant surgery in person. She will take time to get to know your goals and note the areas of your face you want to change. She will ask you some questions about your medical history and perform a physical examination. Where necessary, she will take measurements of the areas in question, noting the extent of hollowing, structural deficiencies, or tissue volume loss. She will also note your skin’s properties, particularly its elasticity. Once you have discussed your issues at length, she will tell you about your customizable facial implant options and formulate your treatment plan if you are a suitable candidate.

Getting Facial Implants

Before your facial implant surgery, Austin Cosmetic Surgery will give you written guidance on how to prepare, and how to maximize the success of your recovery and results. The length of your procedure will depend on the complexity of the surgery. Patients who opt for multiple implant surgeries, such as combination jaw and cheek augmentation, should expect their surgery duration to be longer and prepare accordingly. All facial implants are placed through intraoral incisions (through the mouth) which secured with screws and are closed with dissolvable sutures

Dr. Cabret uses general anesthesia in all facial implant surgeries. These are outpatient procedures, which means you can return home the same day. Patients return to the office the next day for a follow-up appointment. We may give you different post-surgery instructions depending on the area of treatment. Please follow your personalized instructions closely for the best results. 

Facial Implants: What to Expect from Recovery

  • Area is wrapped securely in a compression dressing
  • Usually, a week of recovery/downtime is required 
  • Swelling may last a few weeks
  • Patients should maintain good oral hygiene
  • When brushing, rinse with water not mouthwash 

All chin and jaw implants are wrapped in a waterproof compression dressing that the patient must wear for 5 days. Once the swelling has gone down, you will see the lasting results of your newly contoured face!

Cost of Facial Augmentation with Implants in Austin, TX

The cost of your facial augmentation with implants will be calculated at your individual consultation with Dr. Cabret. Qualified individuals may be interested in financing their procedure. To find out more about a specific augmentation procedure, and to book your appointment to discuss things further with us, please contact Austin Cosmetic Surgery at (512) 688-8000

Out-of-town patients may wish to request a virtual consultation, so please reach out to us at the above number for more information.

Read Dr. Cabret’s blog for further details about facial augmentation procedures, and other surgical and non-surgical procedures offered at Austin Cosmetic Surgery.


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