Jaw Angle Augmentation

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Jaw Angle Augmentation Austin, TX Scottsdale, AZ

Jaw angle is one of the most defining features of your face. In men, a broad, square jaw is synonymous with strength and masculinity. In women, a prominent, well-defined jawline is a sign of elegance and beauty. Unfortunately, not all people are genetically gifted with the bone structure for an ideal jawline.

Jaw angle augmentation is a procedure to enhance the jawline in both men and women. Our cosmetic surgeons will work with you to develop the perfect jaw implants and give you the look you’ve always wanted. Using 3D imagery, we work directly with the manufacturer to create a custom 3D-printed jaw implant to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Many of our patients undergo jaw augmentation surgery in addition to chin and cheek augmentation as part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation strategy.

Who Is a Candidate for Jaw Augmentation?

Patients often present with concerns of a weak chin or a weak jawline. In younger patients, this may mean that they do not like the way that their jaw looks in angles of photographs or how they look in profile. For older patients with weak chins and jawlines, they usually present with early-onset aging, sagging of the neck, jowling and deep wrinkles of the lower face and neck. Patients who desire procedures to help them look younger may, in fact, need face lifting in combination with jawline enhancement with custom facial implants. This will not only help them achieve a desirable result but also maintain that result over time!

What Can Jaw Augmentation Accomplish?

The critical areas of the jaw that patients have concerns about include the width of the jaw, the length of the jaw and the chin. The “Brad Pitt” jawline is very desirable for men and most female supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Claudia Schiffer have all aged extremely well because of their strong jawlines. Christie Brinkley at the age of 65 is truly exceptional by all standards! Jaw augmentation will help define soft tissue lines of the face, rejuvenate the face and help the face age phenomenally!

What Are Jaw Implants Made Of?

Jaw Implants are made of solid silicone. They come in various sizes and shapes depending upon the particular patient’s needs and goals. However today, Custom Jaw Implants are far superior in achieving specific results. Recently we had a patient who had had jaw (orthognathic surgery) as a kid and he was very dissatisfied with his jawline and asymmetry. He also brought in a picture of Superman actor Henry Cavill and desired a similar jawline. This would be virtually impossible with the standard implants.

Jaw Angle Augmentation Austin, TX Scottsdale, AZ

With Custom Jaw Implants, we first obtain a 3D, High-Resolution CT (Cat) Scan of his face. Then those images are sent to Implantech and with the patient present, we measure the proportions of Henry Cavill’s jaw and translate them into creating a proportional jawline for the patient using the 3D CT scan. The implants are designed virtually and then custom made for the patient. During the procedure, those custom implants exactly fit his existing jaw to eliminate the preexisting asymmetry and enhance his jaw. It is truly a technological marvel. The implants are held in place with tiny titanium screws so that they never move.

Preparing for Jaw Implant Surgery

Before your jaw augmentation procedure, we will review your medical history and determine your current physical health. It is important during this consultation to fully disclose your history of smoking and prescription drug use. Once we establish that you’re healthy enough for the procedure, we’ll perform a low-radiation 3D cat scan to give us a complete visualization of your jaw. We work directly with the implant company to create your custom-made jaw implant.

Jaw Angle Augmentation Procedure

Your jaw angle augmentation will be performed under general anesthesia. While you are asleep, your surgeon will make incisions inside your mouth behind your wisdom teeth. Your jaw implants will be properly positioned and secured to the bone using tiny metal screws.

Can Jaw Augmentation Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Jaw Augmentation can be combined with virtually all surgical procedures we perform. We oftentimes incorporate jaw augmentation with neck lifts, faceliftscheek implantsbrow liftsfacial laser resurfacingrhinoplasty and fat grafting. We work essentially from the inside out, from skeleton to skin. The facial skeleton enhanced by facial implants of any kind helps support the soft tissue and define their contours beautifully!

Are There Any Alternatives to Implants for Jaw Augmentation?

There are some patients who present for jaw augmentation that may be better served by corrective jaw surgery.

This could include operations on the upper jaw (LeFort I), the lower jaw (Bilateral Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy) or the chin (genioplasty). Oftentimes these patients have problems with the function of their bite (occlusion) and corrective jaw surgery will not only improve function but also form and shape of their face. These procedures allow for the advancement of the bones, but they do have their limitations. Some patients may desire even stronger facial features and after they have undergone corrective jaw surgery may require the placement of facial and jaw implants to accomplish those goals.

Additionally, facial fillers may be used to camouflage small jaw line deficiencies. Fillers can be used to enhance the chin, the jawline, the cheeks, the nose, and the temporal forehead. The downside is that none of these fillers are permanent and require a continual expense for the patient over time whereas the facial implants should last the lifetime of the patient.

Jaw Angle Augmentation Recovery

Jaw Angle Augmentation Austin, TX Scottsdale, AZ

Recovery from Jaw Implants is quite easy for the patient.

Most patients do not have pain or require pain management for more than 1-2 days after surgery. Facial swelling is, of course, going to occur and is variable. Compliance with avoidance of alcohol, keeping daily sodium intake to less than 1500 mg/day, using ice packs, keeping the head elevated and avoiding any strenuous activity will all help minimize maximum swelling. Patients are usually back to work in 7-10 days and bruising is usually resolved by then. Final results with all swelling gone occurs at about 3 months.

Will My Jaw Implants Ever Need to Be Replaced?

There is no indication for removal and replacement of jaw implants. As they are placed directly upon the bone and held into place with tiny titanium screws, they do not move. Barring future infection or trauma to the area, the body encapsulates them with a small layer of scar which protects them and holds them in place. Patients are advised to take oral antibiotics before dental treatment to prevent infection. Patients with jaw implants often forget that they are even there over time. They feel just like the patient’s own bone and the thick layers of soft tissue and muscle above them make them difficult to deliberately feel.

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