Facial Rejuvenation and Facelift

Finally, you can look as good as you feel!

The most common fear for any patient desiring facial rejuvenation surgery is their fear of looking like that typical Hollywood starlet who clearly does not look like themselves younger and rather looks altered and “elf-like.” This stigma of the over-operated look can scare people away from finding the right surgeon to help them naturally turn the clock back and enhance in balance within their unique proportions.

Frankly, in our hands, this is easy to accomplish as we recognize that good cosmetic surgery means that the patient does not look “done” after. Good cosmetic surgery is really a reconstruction of youth, meaning putting things back to where they came from after the effects of gravity, loss of tone from sun damage and other health-related impacts. So what will be your final result? You, but you younger.

Austin Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty
Austin Cosmetic Surgery Facelift

There have been many applied techniques used to address facial aging over the years. Some have worked and others have failed miserably and in particularly the techniques that just yank and pull skin back tightly. It is a well-known principle that skin under tension will ultimately relax. This is beneficial in reconstructive surgery or also in procedures such as breast augmentation. Take an A cup breast and put in a C cup breast implant in place for example. Initially the breast will look tight and unnatural but within a few months the skin will relax giving a beautiful result. In a facelift, however, if a skin pull only is done when the skin relaxes in a few months then this will mean that the result will fail as the skin sags again.

At Austin Cosmetic Surgery we are very individualized with our care. Once you have had a consultation with one of our highly trained cosmetic reconstructive surgeons will develop a treatment plan that is completely “you” only more youthful looking!