ResurFX® Laser Resurfacing

ResurFX Lakeway, TXIf you’re a regular visitor to our site, a few months back you may have seen our blog on a new option for improving the appearance of stretch marks — ResurFX. This use of this relatively new Lumenis laser is new and promising, as stretch marks have long been the bane of millions of women.

But we also use ResurFX at Austin Cosmetic Surgery for more overall skin improvement with non-ablative fractional resurfacing. We’ve found this Lumenis laser to be great for all skin types and safe enough to use on the neck and chest, as well as the face, hands, and other areas. Not to mention, more recently, the thighs, buttocks, flanks, and abdomen for stretch marks.

Kathryn Clayton, FNP-BC does most of our resurfacing treatments. She uses the ResurFX laser to improve all the hallmarks of facial aging — blotchy pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dull crinkly skin, along with the uneven skin surface that is the result of acne scarring.

How the ResurFX® procedure is done

When you come in for your ResurFX® treatment, about one hour prior to your laser session we apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment areas. We also usually recommend an oral sedation to help you relax during the procedure and allow us to deliver the most effective treatment settings.

Next, the ResufFX® laser scanner is set to select a random pattern. It then delivers laser pulses automatically over the treatment area while the handpiece is placed over the skin. The laser delivers heat to a certain depth of the skin and the sensation is hot and prickly (hence the local anesthetic).

The laser energy creates minute channels through the epidermis down into the dermis, the skin’s second layer. The treatments are fractional, meaning the small holes are surrounded by untouched healthy skin that immediately goes about healing the nearby microscopic perforations. The perforations are generally healed within a few hours. Patients don’t experience the degree of redness or irritation common to CO2 laser resurfacing. Still, the body perceives the minute laser penetrations in the skin as a wound and responds by delivering new production of collagen and elastin, along with new skin cells to repair the wound.


You will have some swelling and redness for a few days after your treatment. You will also have to avoid sun exposure, as your skin will be vulnerable for a couple of weeks. These issues will pass quickly, and you’ll soon see your new younger-looking skin that continues to improve as the body produces more and more collagen.

Want to improve your skin without ablation? Call us at Austin Cosmetic Surgery, (512) 688-8000 in Austin, or (480) 947-7700 in Scottsdale, and ask about ResurFX.

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