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Your Face is Requesting a HydraFacial

Everyone loves a facial. They’re so relaxing. Ah, but when you have some exfoliation and pore clearing as part of your facial things can get a little uncomfortable, and your skin can become red and sensitive afterwards. That’s why at Austin Cosmetic Surgery we go typical facials one better with the HydraFacial MD. This awesome… Read More »

Tired of Your Sagging Thighs?

No woman should have to live with saggy thighs. Sometimes it’s due to a large weight loss where the elasticity of the thighs can’t return to their former tautness. Sometimes it’s just genetics and natural aging. Whatever the reason, a thigh lift with Dr. Michelle Carlotti and Dr. Albert Carlotti can change the shape of… Read More »

Allergan Textured Implants and Cancer

If you’ve heard recent new stories about a recall of breast implants, you may have some concerns about what kind of implants are involved and what’s behind the recall. Since we perform many augmentations at Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we thought it would be a good time in this blog to explain what’s going on. On… Read More »

Bigger Backsides are the Rage

Everything sags as we age. It’s one of the dumb things about getting older. One area that can be particularly depressing is when it happens to our backsides. Yes, the buttocks are naturally prone to sagging, both from the natural slackening of our tissues and from our sedentary lifestyles. What once was a high, round… Read More »

Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a complicated, delicate surgical procedure. That may explain why many patients come see Dr. Michelle Carlotti and Dr. Albert Carlotti seeking to fix/address the nose surgery they have had done elsewhere. Revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty demands the surgical expertise and artistic flair of both Drs. Carlotti to achieve the results the patient originally… Read More »

You’ve Lost the Weight, But What About the Skin?

At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we consider a variety of procedures — liposuction, a thigh/buttock lift, a tummy tuck, and an arm lift — to all be “body contouring” procedures. But in cases where the patient has lost a great deal of weight, we think of “body contouring” to be one overarching procedure that involves each… Read More »

breast reduction | Austin, TX | Austin Cosmetic Surgery

Opting for Smaller Breasts

In the current trend toward more and more women opting to have breast augmentation, it may seem odd for a woman with large natural breasts to wanting to have them reduced by the Drs. Carlotti. But the truth is, overly large breasts can be a literal and figurative burden. It’s like taking a hike up… Read More »

A Facelift of More Dimension

We may feel young of heart and young of mind. Our skin? Uh, not looking so young. Whether it’s due to the year-round sun and our proclivity for outdoor fun such as boating or playing golf in Austin, or simply the loosening of our underlying support structure, our faces sag, wrinkle, and show our age…and… Read More »

Austin Cosmetic Surgery

Thicker Hair for 2020

For most of us having a full, healthy head of hair is tied to our self-confidence. That’s why it’s not a good feeling to see more and more hair in the shower drain every morning. At Austin Cosmetic Surgery we can help. We use the technologically advanced NeoGraft system for hair transplantation. It creates completely… Read More »

Arm countouring

Contoured Arms for 2020

In Austin and Scottsdale, our two offices of Austin Cosmetic Surgery, we wear lots of sleeveless blouses and sundresses. But if you’ve lost a good deal of weight or simply have Father Time to thank, the underside of your upper arms may make you think twice about donning those fashions. Sagging, loose skin is on… Read More »



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