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First, let’s define genioplasty - a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping or repositioning the chin.  Seeing as the face is one of the first parts of a body that is recognized, this can be quite the transformative experience for individuals. While the decision to undergo genioplasty is a significant one, understanding the recovery process is equally important to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Immediate Postoperative Period:

The immediate aftermath of genioplasty is characterized by a combination of factors that contribute to the initial stages of recovery. Most patients can expect to experience swelling and bruising around the chin and lower face. These are natural responses to the surgical procedure and can be managed with cold compresses and prescribed medications.

The first few days following the procedure may involve some pain, but Dr. Cabret can provide pain medications to help this aspect of recovery. And please know that any initial discomfort is temporary and usually gradually subsides as the days progress.

First Week:

During the first week of recovery, we would like patients to have a modified diet, usually consisting of soft or liquid foods.  It is important that the mouth stay as clean as possible as good oral hygiene is an important component to recovery. Mouthwash with alcohol should not be used for the first two weeks to avoid the sutures dissolving faster than intended inside the mouth.

Any sort of strenuous physical activities are discouraged during this period to allow the body to heal more easily. You will want to sleep at an elevation for the first few weeks to aid in the resolution of swelling. You also will want to maintain a low-sodium diet to help prevent an increase in swelling. 

Follow-up appointments with the office will be scheduled to monitor the progress of chin augmentation recovery. This close monitoring ensures that any potential issues will be spotted and addressed promptly.

First Month:

As you progress through the first month, patients can gradually reintroduce normal activities into their routine. While the majority of swelling and bruising will diminish within the initial weeks, some mild swelling may persist a little longer. As the body continues to heal, we want to make sure you have patience because the final results may not be immediately apparent, but they will come through. 

Patients should avoid any activities that involve being head down, such as yoga.  Please also avoid any activities that result in a blow to the lower face. 

Long-term recovery involves the ongoing reduction of swelling and the gradual fading of any scars resulting from the chin augmentation surgery. We do ask that you commit to the follow-up care prescribed and appointments with the surgical team so that we can track the healing process and address any concerns that may arise.

Recovering from genioplasty is a journey that requires patience, commitment, and open communication.  Our commitment to post-operative care is unparalleled, with a hands-on approach that distinguishes us in the field. 

For Dr. Cabret, the significance lies not only in the surgical procedure itself but in the individuals she encounters along the journey. Witnessing the joy of patients delighted with their results, and observing the resurgence of inner confidence, is what truly matters. It's a personalized approach that goes beyond medical procedures, focusing on the holistic well-being of each individual.

Dr. Cabret is honored to guide individuals through their postoperative transformations, ensuring a tailored and attentive experience.

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