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Sculptra — Long Live the Filler

Some things last a long time. Others not so much. This is true of dermal fillers. Some last just a few months before the body absorbs them. But one lasts up to two years, which, in Austin is longer than the lifespan of some tech startups! This filler is Sculptra® Aesthetic and we like to… Read More »

Doubles Are for the Diamond, Not your Chin

In a normal year, when you think of a double, you think of a two-base hit and that’s a good thing. Of course, in this oddest of years, who knows when we’ll get to see a Round Rock Express game, much less run to up Dallas to see the Rangers. On the other hand, when… Read More »

Have Santa Bring You Shapelier Lips

If you have thin, shapeless lips, you’re not alone. Plus, your lips may have once been fuller, but have since thinned. This is just a natural byproduct of aging. But you can pump up the volume of your lips for all of your holiday parties and get-togethers at Austin Cosmetic Surgery. We offer three different… Read More »

What is Juvéderm Vollure?

Dermal fillers seem to be following the ways of grocery market shelves, where brands expand their lines to fill more and more space. Not exactly. While it is true Juvéderm® and Restylane® have both expanded dramatically, each new filler introduced in these two popular lines has a specific target. The newest addition to the Juvéderm® family of… Read More »

Dermal Fillers Austin TX

Taking On Smile Lines with Radiesse

As our skin thins and loses elasticity, and as our body’s production of collagen decreases, it allows wrinkles and lines to form, especially around the area from the nose down to the mouth and around the mouth and chin. At Austin Cosmetic Surgery, one tool we use to combat these lines is a synthetic filler… Read More »



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