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Tell Your Sun Spots to Take a Hike

There is one common reason we all love Austin — no snow shoveling! Since we can be outside all year, we get lots of sun exposure and with it come those ubiquitous sun spots. You can go about looking like a dalmation, or you can come into Austin Cosmetic Surgery and let us throw some… Read More »

Get a Photofacial Before You Step in that Photo Booth

These days, when someone mentions photofacial, you could easily assume they’re talking about ubiquitous selfies taken during every conceivable instance, most of which no one other than the taker cares to see. But this time of year around Austin and Scottsdale, lots of holiday parties come complete with a photo booth to hop in and… Read More »

The Best Treatments for Pigmentation

The Best Treatments for Pigmentation

Age spots, brown spots, freckles, and melasma, OH MY! Pigmentation can come in many forms and for some can give the skin an older appearance, aging you before your time. We wouldn’t want that now would we? Luckily there are several options available to help diminish discoloration and most of these treatments also treat fine… Read More »



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